Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review: Bread In Common, Fremantle

 Just a quick one today! Last weekend, my friend S and I met up in Freo for a quick bite to eat before a wander around the markets. I'd heard only good things about Bread In Common so I was keen to check them out! Read on for my review!
 Bread In Common doesn't take bookings so you just have to turn up and hope that there's room. That being said, the servers are all very accommodating and I'm sure you won't be left waiting too long. Also, another thing to note is that it's mostly cafeteria style dining so on a busy day... be prepared to make friends! We started off with a couple of truly exceptional coffees which were the perfect guzzling temperature. 
 As you probably gathered from their name, bread takes pride of place in here. We sampled two of their most popular breads; the common loaf and the wholemeal sourdough. The common loaf (foreground) was actually just barely warm which makes me think it was plucked from their woodfired oven very recently! Both breads were chewy and dense (in a good way!) with crackly crusts and they were made even more delicious with the requisite olive oil and balsamic. They also have other dippy type things like dukkah, tapenade etc for people looking for something more left of field.
 Bread and cheese. What more does a girl need? We ordered the homemade mozzarella because how could you not? It's homemade mozzarella! This stuff was awesome. So awesome in fact that I went out and bought some rennet and citric acid with the intention of making my own at home. So many fails! But I won't bore you with my cheesemaking failures! Focus instead on those creamy, wobbly, just set chunks of dairy deliciousness. That's better. 
Last up, we ordered another iteration of bread and cheese with the mushroom and brie panini. Who doesn't love melted cheese and toast? This was very yummy but I think there was maybe a little too much mushroom and not enough brie. But that could just be my own preference! On our way out, I even bought myself a loaf of the common loaf for my brekkie the next day. 

Service at Bread In Common is friendly and casual; ever present but unobtrusive. If you're ever in Fremantle, I'd definitely recommend a visit. They're open till 10pm all week except Friday and Saturday when they're open till midnight.

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