Saturday, 11 January 2014

DIY Cocoa Butter Milk Bath

Continuing on with my obsession with DIY beauty treatments; and also because I have ridiculous amounts cocoa butter left, I give you: Cocoa Butter Milk Bath! Cleopatra was notorious for bathing in milk and apparently, so is Charlize Theron. Great company to keep if your ask me. Milk baths are great for dry skin as the lactic acid helps to loosen the proteins binding together the dead skin cells and this makes it easier to exfoliate them away. The cocoa butter helps to moisturise your skin (I've talked about how awesome cocoa butter is before so don't worry, I won't go on about it.) and not to mention, it smells delicious! This DIY is as simple as grating some cocoa butter, mixing it with some powdered milk and cornstarch and... that's it. That was quite anticlimactic actually. Read on for the recipe.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Moroccan Shakshuka

 Can you imagine a more perfect breakfast than runny eggs, poached in a zingy tomato sauce laced with spicy chorizo and topped with creamy nuggets of feta cheese? Didn't think so! I first fell in lust with this dish at the Twilight Hawkers Markets, held every Friday night in the CBD during the summer months, last year and I've been perfecting my own version ever since. Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience is the place to go for shakshuka in Perth. They serve theirs with a side of harissa mayo and crusty french baguettes. Truly excellent. If you ever spot them around town, I'd definitely recommend giving them a try! Read on for my take on this iconic Moroccan dish.
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