Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ten Things...

  1. 40 Days Of Dating is a fascinating project where two friends decide to date each other for 40 days. Definitely worth a look!
  2. A guy and his girlfriend get upgraded to business class during an Emirates flight and they show us how the other half lives. Their excitement is utterly infectious! Via Ned Hardy. 
  3. Bakerella shows us how to make delicious Oreo ice cream sandwiches.
  4. Check out these gorgeous photos of the Philippines. It really is more fun in the Philippines! Via BuzzFeed.
  5. ModaMob lists 20 Trends that need to go away. I agree with this whole heartedly; high low skirts need to die immediately!
  6. For my fellow twentysomethings out there; this will make you both laugh and cringe! 21 Things 20-Somethings Say. Via Thought Catalog.
  7. These Olive Oil & Sea Salt Brownie Cookies look AMAZING! Via Butter Lust Blog.
  8. Now I love brownie cookies as much as the next girl but since I'm not 18 anymore, this article on re-training yourself to eat right is particularly poignant. Via Hello Giggles.
  9. This article by beauty maven Zoe Foster Blake on sleeping in your makeup has officially scared me into committing to a proper cleansing routine. Via Fruity Beauty.
  10. And lastly, a little something to brighten your day. Via We Rule The Internet.

Over and out!

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