Saturday, 10 August 2013

Review: The Burger Bistro Leederville

Yesterday, baby bro and I were on a mission to pick up and deliver some delicious baked goodies from Top The Cupcake and on our way home we stopped by Leederville to grab some nosh. It was crazy windy and raining so we ducked into The Burger Bistro and settled in for lunch.

Baby bro doing his part to pimp out our lunch spot.

The Burger Bistro is a gorgeous open space with lots of dark wood and slate. Very manly. It's counter service only but we caught the place before the lunch rush and didn't have to wait at all. 

We split the beer battered fries ($8.00) with garlic mayo and sweet chilli sauce as a side. The fries were fresh out of the oil and piping hot. The garlic mayo was delicious but made crazy rich so it's best used sparingly!

I ordered the Beef Big Smoke and baby bro had the El Mariachi which I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of before he started snaffling it up. The patties at The Burger Bistro are cooked to a juicy medium with a nice pink middle. It was topped with crispy pancetta, Emmental cheese, salad, smoky barbecue sauce and more of that yummy garlic mayo. 

The El Mariachi burger was a grilled Mt. Barker chicken breast coated in a chipotle dry rub and topped with salad and a fresh sweetcorn salsa. The rub on the chicken was great but be warned it does have a decent after burn! One thing that needs to be said about the burgers is that while the burger buns had that gorgeous spongey sourdough interior, the crusts were a little too crisp to have that satisfying, yielding burger bite.

As we were leaving we noticed this little cutie flirting with both our lovely waitress and an adorable little girl across the room! What a heartbreaker!

The Burger Bistro is a great place for a quick bite to eat; service was fast and the food (aside from a couple of little nitpicks) was fantastic! They're located on the main Oxford St strip in Leederville with lots of street and parking lot (all ticketed) parking around. They also have two locations in the CBD; Shafto Lane and the Eastern end of Adelaide Tce. 

Over and out!

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