Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review - Tuck Shop Cafe, Pie-House and Delicatessen

My friend A and I decided to go to lunch today and she recommended we go to Tuck Shop Cafe in Northbridge. It's a great little cafe far removed from the hustle and bustle of Northbridge's main drag. Despite being tucked away on the quieter end of Newcastle Street, there were plenty of punters to keep the cafe busy!

There's a small shelf next to the main counter selling tea, coffee and other deli items such as anchovies and antipasti. 

Tuck Shop use Toby's Estate Coffee beans in their brews and let me tell you now, it is an absolute standout! Their coffees have no trace of sourness or bitterness and aren't drowned with a litre of steamed milk (a pet peeve of mine is when cafes use cups the size of soup bowls and you end up with milk with a drop of coffee in it). Another thing to mention is that their coffees are very reasonably priced... no chronic Perth price surcharges here!

There's a huge chalkboard just inside the main entrance displaying rewards cards for regular customers. This is a genius move; I don't know about you, but I have half a dozen of these at the bottom of my bag at any one time and none of them ever get used regularly. Very clever, Tuck Shop!

I ordered the slow cooked veal with mushrooms, spinach and goat's curd served on a slice of ciabatta and topped with a poached egg. My friend had the pork belly with chorizo, potatoes and fried egg. Both meals came in at $19.50 each. My meal was actually a recommendation from the staff and it was totally spot on! The waitstaff at Tuck Shop are absolute gold; they were rushed off their feet greeting newcomers and serving patrons but still took the time to stop by and see how our meals were going. Lovely!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Tuck Shop Cafe, if only to try their great coffee. The  service is fantastic and the food is delicious! Tuck Shop Cafe can be found on the Eastern end of Newcastle Street just past The Moon Cafe in Northbridge. There's plenty of on street parking, but be warned that most of it is limited to an hour at a time. 

Over and out!

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